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Setting Students Up for Success
Today, Tomorrow, and into their Future!

What Students Are Saying About PALI'S Academy

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Where do Academy students attend and earn their degrees? UCSD, UCSB, UC Irvine, Azusa Pacific,  William Jessup,  Oregon State, University of Oregon, Boise State, Cal Poly SLO,  Sonoma State, Montana State, CSU Channel Islands, CSU Chico,  Dakota Wesleyan, Colorado Mesa, Folsom Lake, Baylor University, TCU, Oklahoma State, Florida Institute of Technology, Arizona State, Northern Arizona University, Southern Oregon University, Wheaton College Illinois, University of Utah, and more!

Westin Abel -  UC Irvine

There isn't anyone I know more qualified or geared towards helping a

young adult figure out the next step of their lives! Having known Pali since I was just a kid, I

have seen her whole heartedly give up her time to lead, help and educate others countless

times. Whether it was being our local 4-H club leader, helping kids with college admission essays

after school or teaching high schoolers (including me) about what it means to be a leader. I have witnessed Pali demonstrate the most contagious positive attitude imaginable as she wrangled too many adults and teenagers into monthly training and planning sessions. At times when it all seemed too overwhelming Pali was always there, giving reassurance and teaching us the next steps until

all of us were ready for the job. Pali’s ability to guide and help others in leadership development

 and career advice is something special; my only wish now is that she would start

offering leadership classes for managers!

Westin grad.jpg
Molly Varozza - University of California, San Diego
Lemos Pic.jpg
Jayce Arizona.jpg
Lars Utah Pic.jpg
Bella Dakota Wesleyan.jpg
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Molly and Lindsay, what "Freshman Success" advice do you have for seniors going to college?

Aylin A. - Oak Ridge Senior

I wanted to let you know that your program is definitely working!  I didn't think I would apply for scholarships just because it seemed really complicated, but you made it so easy and organized for me!

Jaida H. - Baylor University, Nursing

THANK YOU! I got a lot done and learned a ton in such a short time!  I feel much better about the whole application process!

Ben V. - Union Mine Senior @ Florida Institute of Technology

Thank you!!  You taught me more about the application process in one workshop than I've been able to figure out the last couple months on my own!

Lindsay Scales - Oregon State University

Clayton Cardinalli - Azuza Pacific

Deanne's advising and leadership instruction helped me pull off some of the most amazing summer camps that the world has seen. Before going to college, she inspired me to go check out a college down in Southern California that I didn’t want to go to, but I ended up attending and it changed my entire life. After college I used skills that I learned through her including leadership development, public speaking, meeting management, time management, and goal setting to become a leader in my industry today. Anything she touches turns out much better than it was before. I highly recommend and encourage people to work with Deanne if you are looking for someone who is passionate for education and leadership and has over 25 years of experience and making people better off.

Clayton profile pic.png

Jenna Matheson - CSU Sonoma

 I can say with confidence and from personal experience that Deanne is not only a great professor but a wonderful leader and advisor. She has always done her very best to guide and support the students she works with. She has helped me in numerous ways whether it has been encouraging me to get involved, help with recommendation letters for scholarships applications, or setting me up with resources to help me succeed academically. Deanne is kind, caring, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested in helping students in any way that she can. I can honestly say that her support and encouragement have made my college experience all the better and I truly appreciate all that she has done for me.

Jenna Pic.png
Rose Lynn Reed - Folsom Lake College

Deanne has been one of my biggest role models and best teachers. She has inspired me to come out of my shell by giving me leadership opportunities I never thought I would’ve taken. It’s also given me the passion and confidence to pass this knowledge down onto other youth willing to learn how to become a leader.  She’s helped me create award winning presentations, college applications, and a more structured way of life. I feel more prepared going out into the real world as an adult

now than I ever have. I believe having her as a mentor, business partner,

or a friend would be beneficial to anyone!

Rose Lynn.jpg

Paxton Fitzpatrick - William Jessup

Assistant Director of Internship at Christian Encounter Ranch

I was the first in my family to set out to get a four year degree and therefore had a lot of uncertainty of where to go for direction. Deanne made me feel seen, celebrated, and at the same time pushed out of my comfort zone.  I was one of many people she informally mentored, so I could only imagine being a client and regularly being coached. Deanne was always warm, personable and had my best interest in mind. Today I work for a non-profit residential program that targets high risk teenagers. I work directly with our population, and train our college interns. What’s clear to me, is the power of a positive mentor/coach figure in a young person's life. Deanne was that person to me.  I strongly encourage any student or parent to make the investment into Deanne’s services. I got a plan and the support to execute my educational goals...

but also personally matured so that I could get to where I am today. 

Paxton Pic.jpg

Jessicca Rodgers,  Board Member

El Dorado Union High School District

It is because of Deanne that I am successful today. Deanne saw something in me that even I didn’t see. Through her coaching, encouragement and guidance, she turned a shy, quiet young woman into a strong, independent leader. Deanne has this innate ability to find the strengths in each person and help make them shine. Deanne was instrumental in teaching me leadership development, public speaking, event planning, and time management.  These are all skills that I am using every day in my career. I could not recommend a better person to help guide young people

on their journey to a successful adulthood!

Jessicca Headshot.jpg

Brooke Haynes - CSU Sonoma


Deanne was a particularly important mentor for me during my time in high school. 

She changed my life for the better by guiding me through the new-to-me processes of event

planning, speaking publicly, and being a leader. Deanne is truly an incredible individual, as she is both selfless and extremely knowledgeable.  Deanne has been a leader in El Dorado County for over 25 years. Her passion, dedication, and patience make her a great role model. She has impacted hundreds of students lives through her teaching at Folsom Lake College and through her volunteer work with 4-H. As an expert in the high school transition to college, she has graciously decided to continue giving back through her new venture. With Deanne’s help, both parents and students can feel at ease with the often-stressful processes of applications and scholarships.

 I would highly recommend Deanne to anyone who is seeking guidance as she continues

to help students build confidence and tackle their personal goals.

Brook Grad.jpg

Josie Rothman  - Folsom Lake College, EMT

I have been blessed to have had Deanne as my Advisor, and have had the

opportunity to work under her direction. Throughout this time, my ability to interact, lead, and my growth have changed my life by giving me more confidence, leadership skills, and comfort in directing, managing, and working on a team. Deanne emanates joy when working with others, that becomes infectious, especially to someone like me who is often nervous to jump in and approach situations and people. She never hesitates to lend a helping hand, give advice, and encourage those she mentors to become better versions of themselves. Through her guidance, I have been able to improve my public speaking skills, create a resume that has been infinitely useful in acquiring employment, and experience

the ups and downs of youth leadership. Deanne leads and guides with commitment,

kindness, and a genuine passion for what she does.

Josie pic.jpg
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