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Personal Advising Packages 

Setting Students Up for Success
Today, Tomorrow,and into their Future!

PALI'S Academy Personal Advising packages are designed to help students and parents develop a plan for post high school, whether that includes community college, university, trade school, military, or the workforce. Each package includes a one hour initial consultation with parents and the student.  Following consultation, I will work individually with the student to develop and complete the plan. 


Advising can start any time during high school, the earlier we get started, the better!  Meetings can be in person, online, or by phone.  The plan we develop may involve any of the services listed below.  On average, students will need 2-3 hours Freshman year, 4-6 hours Sophomore year, 5-8 hours Junior year, and 7-10 hours Senior year.   


Students who sign up for a Personal Advising Package are eligible for discounts on PALI'S Academy training workshops series, and can apply Package hours towards popup workshops.   Additional hours may be added at the hourly rate.

All packages require a one hour $50 initial consultation.  

Package One - Hourly


Includes scheduled advising meetings at student request. Price determined by location.

Package Two: Ten Hours

Includes ten hours of scheduled advising meetings with student.

Package Three: 20 Hours

Includes twenty hours of scheduled advising meetings with student, and unlimited parent phone calls.

Summary of Services Available:
* Assess interests, aptitudes, potential career paths, evaluate academic, personal and extra curricular background
* Develop personalized program with detailed steps and timeline for post graduation plans 
* Assist with course planning, test schedules and preparation, extra curricular involvement, and summer activities
* Determine "Best Fit" option for post graduation: trade school, military, university, community college, or workforce
* Prepare and Refine College List: review options, discuss majors, plan campus visits
* Assist with College Applications:  recommendation requests, essay selection and editing
* Review Financial Aid Resources:  FAFSA application, available scholarships
* Assist with Scholarship Applications: determine eligibility, essay editing, recommendations, and timeline
* Guide acceptance options, help navigate wait listing and deferral decisions
* Help with freshman and transfer options: housing, meal plans, course selection, work experience, campus services

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